I always welcome any activity that deviates from my usual office routine during the weekdays.

Last weekend, I had the wonderful opportunity to engage in a mountain climbing and river trekking with a group close to my heart.

Admittedly, it served as an opportunity to prove that all the effort I was putting into working out at the gym wasn’t for naught LOL. The assault wasn’t that challenging, although the climb did require much rock climbing. My pace was surprisingly good, and I attribute this to CrossFit – I know that I wouldn’t have survived the climb in the first place if I wasn’t engaged in a regular physical activity that helps develop strength and endurance. To be honest, I wasn’t prepared for the mountain climbing part of the activity (I misunderstood the guidelines – I thought I only signed up for a river trek/casual swimming after) hence, I didn’t bring my hiking shoes and didn’t wear gloves. These mistakes resulted in aching hands (thank you to the lime stones that I had to reach for to hoist myself up) and a cut on the underside of my foot (which I got when I was about 10 meters away from the peak).

ellawritesagain - hiking_1
View from the top – we actually began our trek from the far side of the river! 🙂

At the peak, the view was amazing! It made that 1.5 hour climb up really worth it. I appreciated how the cool mountain breeze helped ease my aches and pains. We had drinks and snacks there while waiting for everyone else to arrive – there were older members in the group so we had to wait for them (P.S. I’m pretty proud because everyone managed to reach the mountain peak despite a few challenges here and there… It always feels great to conquer personal limitations!).

We took our group photo in this secluded area away from the “main photo shoot area” (there were other groups waiting in line for their turn – we were eight in line so we decided to find another area where we could have a group photo without having to wait for a long time). From this angle, we could see where we started our ascent – it was surprisingly pretty far! It felt even more exhilarating to see where we’ve started and to realize how far (literally!) we’ve come. 🙂

ellawritesagain - hiking_2.png
Filed under “Pretty Things You See in Mountain Peaks”

After resting and waiting for about an hour, we were all looking forward to begin our descent to have lunch at the foot of the mountain and to swim in the river. 🙂 I personally feel like the descent was more challenging, mainly because I was getting hungry and I now had to deal with the cut on my foot. Thankfully, descents always feel quicker and shorter haha!

Lunch was pretty simple – congee, egg, preserved beef and lots of water. 🙂 It doesn’t take a grand lunch to satisfy a tired and hungry soul after a climb hahaha! The trek to the swimming area took about 15 minutes (we avoided the nearer area because we wanted a more secluded spot to rest). We found a nice, shaded spot and found solace in the clean and cool river. By the time we got there, we were just really excited to swim and relax. 🙂

ellawritesagain - hiking_4.png
Wonderful sight! 🙂

Although everyone was tired and sore from the hike, the feelings of accomplishment and happiness resonated within the group and dominated that afternoon. 🙂 We rarely have the chance to get together and go on nature trips together so it was really nice to have this time to take a break from the city life and just enjoy the company of one another. Everyone was just laughing and joking around by the end of the day and you could really tell that our bond has gotten stronger just by being on this trip together. 🙂 I am most definitely looking forward to another trip like this. 🙂

“I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived.”
– Henry David Thoreau



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